Cross-cultural Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation

Cross-cultural Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation

Innovative Capacity in the Global South

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-01-11 )

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“A daring and innovative—yet at the same time empirically grounded and pragmatic—book, about how entrepreneurs in low income countries can and must navigate old and new cultural institutions in their quest for performance and profits.” Tim Kelsall, Senior Research Fellow at London's Overseas Development Institute, specializing in Political Anthropology and Political Economy “An indispensable reading for understanding entrepreneurship in developing countries. Too often academics from Western institutions fail to understand the institutional and cultural challenges for successful entrepreneurship. Long-lasting and yet valuable cultural traditions are at stake. With field work in Kenya, Tanzania, Surinam and other countries, Kroesen argues that entrepreneurship must be analysed within a broader framework of history, sociology, and even religion. Theories about entrepreneurship cannot easily be transcribed from the developed countries to the Global South. This groundbreaking book will make a serious impact for quite some time to come.” George B.N. Ayittey, PhD. Distinguished Economist, American University and President, Free Africa Foundation, both in Washington DC, USA

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J. Otto Kroesen
Rudi Darson
David J. Ndegwah

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Development theory and development policy