Never Imagine God

Never Imagine God

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-06-12 )

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Do you consider yourself to have big faith or small faith? Do you really believe that God can do anything in your life? Do you trust God even when it seems like it’s taking a longer time for your prayers to be answered? Failure is not final. Mistakes don’t have to keep you from your destiny. God’s plan can override every setback. Your world may be in turmoil today in a relationship, finances, health or education. Continue to trust in God, for He will rescue you, set your feet on a rock and lead you to your final destination in life. Remember that the promises He placed in you didn’t go away because you had some personal failures. Keep hoping in great expectation, because God will soon move you into the blessing and victory He has prepared for you! My life from primary school to the university has many untold stories. Memories of pains, sorrows, challenges, struggles, fun, adventures, tempest and storms. These raw materials have processed me into what I am today. Life is indeed a process. Life is in stages.

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Pious Joseph Paul Yanzuh

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