Theoretical Domains and Au Courant Trends in English Literature

Theoretical Domains and Au Courant Trends in English Literature

A Collection of Research Articles

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-06-11 )

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The book encompasses a myriad of research articles dealing with the recent trends in English Literature. Apart from investigating into the 'Woman Question', the book brings about a detailed study of 'the Other Sex' within the context of various British fictions and Indian writing in English. It also deals with a wide array of mass culture highlighting the domain of superpower and supernatural. Nevertheless, the book also underscores the deconstruction of mythology in the Indian context and allows the reader to have their own analytical perspectives while proceeding with a thorough reading of the propounded ideas. Emphasizing a detailed and groundbreaking study of the postmodern conventions, the books initiates an aura of recent development in the English Literary studies. Furthermore, the book empowers the readers to boost up their knowledge regarding literary and critical theories and realize their utilization in practical sphere. Not remaining delimited within a particular horizon of fictions, the book explores the wider macrocosm of conceptual Literature.

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Prof. Somasree Santra

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English linguistics / literature science