The objective of this book is to develop coated electrode which will be compatible with welding DI and weld metal so produced will respond isothermal heat treatment. Welded joint being a composite material response of different zones (weld metal, partial melting zone, heat affected zone and base metal) of DI weldment towards isothermal heat treatment is utmost important for weld joint integrity and therefore has been studied. Also addition of nano CeO2 in the coating of the coated electrode has been attempted in order to understand the role of Ceon microstructure and mechanical properties of as- welded DI and after isothermal heat treatment of ADI weld metals. Further three different level of nano size CeO2 was added in coating of the selected electrode in order to study and understand the effect of Ce on microstructure and mechanical properties of weld metals. Weld procedure was established as per AWS (D11) standard using first single pass bead-on-plate and latter for grove welding of DI base plate using coated electrodes (with and without Ce content) in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) process with modified U-groove design in order to extract transverse samples.

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Tapan Sarkar

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology