Psychology and Anthropometry of Volleyball Players:A Comparative Study

Psychology and Anthropometry of Volleyball Players:A Comparative Study

A study of volleyball players

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-06-13 )

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Since the advent of competitive sportsman has been in the search of an ingredient that would produce a super athlete. The sports and games have expended rapidly with association of skills, techniques and styles the scientific evidence reveals that requirement of any sport, the activity places certain specific demand on the individual depending upon the type of game, its duration intensity and degree of skill execution. The present game of volleyball is highly skilled, interesting and demands high level of fitness. Since the founding of the FIVB (1947) until its premier as an Olympic sport (1964) modern volleyball has improved with many technical and tactical innovations. This study has been of almost importance and great help to the physical educationist and coaches to provide the criteria for the selection of talented players in different games, and also helpful to solve the psychological problems of volleyball players. Main objectives of the present study was to find out and compare the psychological and anthropometric level of volleyball players at different level of competition.

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Bhupinder Singh Thakur

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