As a child, I realized something was not right about my childhood whenever I listened to BBC radio with my father about military coups, counter coups and civil wars. I told my Dad, when I grow up, I have to do something. He smiles each time I talk like that. The opportunity came more than four decades later in France, when my supervisor asked, ‘why not investigate the theoretical linkage between global security chiefly as it impact your country Nigeria. I recall my promise to my father, and this book is about OPI = 1/3(DI + CPI + 10HDI)-M. I have unearthed the formula for peace. I was about halfway through the writing of my thesis when I was drafted into the Niger Delta militant issues and that was when the idea struck. It was a puzzle and everything started falling into place as I interacted with the rebels. The challenge was to find a solution to the internal security in the Delta of Nigeria. Several efforts later, I figured out, that if corruption, poor democratic practices and inclusive government were regressed, there would be peace. So, I began to work, and I am inviting you the reader to go with me on this journey.

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Kunle Olawunmi

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Comparative and international political science