The End of Earth - Human Biology and Climate Change

The End of Earth - Human Biology and Climate Change

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-01-10 )

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Climate change and global warming is essentially a product of human biology and can lead to the end of habitable geography on planet earth. Human civilization and industrial revolution leads to increase in green house gases like carbon dioxide leading to global warming. The global warming leads to increased growth of endosymbiotic and colonic archaea in humans and animals leading to methane production and global warming. The major part of the world ecosystem is made up of human population and archaeal endosymbiosis and colonic archaeal growth consequent to global warming leads to methanogenesis and increase in the speed of global warming and climate change. Thus the widespread use of internet, low level EMF pollution from mobile phones, stress of modern life, the use of antibiotic and non-antibiotic drugs and the consumption of a diet low in fibre leads to colonic archaeal growth and endosymbiosis, methanogenesis and global warming. The gut microflora deforestation and its replacement with archaeal overgrowth is more of a cause for global warming than fossil fuels and destruction of rain forest. Thus human biology is at the core of global warming, climate change and end of earth.

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Ravikumar Kurup
Parameswara Achutha Kurup

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General Natural Sciences