Epidemiological Studies on Infections of Nomadic Fulani Herdsmen

Epidemiological Studies on Infections of Nomadic Fulani Herdsmen

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-12-27 )

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The Nomadic Fulani are a group of mobile herdsmen that moves with their cattle in search for greener pastures. While they constantly supply their communities with healthy pasture fed beef, the health status of this group of people has been grossly neglected hence pitiful and begging for attention. This book has exposed the failure on the path of health policy formulators, global health advocates and Government around the word in paying more attention to a group whose health challenges are enormous and overdue for intervention. Epidemiological studies on this group of mobile herdsmen in Nigeria has brought to the fore front infections common among this group, their origin, causative agent, and mode of spread. The health community and Government around the world has to put together adequate legislation and polices that will help the group of mobile herdsmen as well as the communities that they come across on their migratory path. This book offers practical recommendations.

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Mfon Umo

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