Water Powered Pump

Water Powered Pump

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-01-10 )

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Water powered pump (WPP) which uses kinetic energy of the stream water, pumps the certain capacity to the high elevation. A water turbine crank system transforms rotational movement to vertical movement by using a shaft. The water turbine pulls and pushes the piston inside the cylinder sucks and pushes the water to a certain head. The water powered pump that does not require any electric energy, petroleum products or natural gas. WPP can be used everywhere, where the drop exists from the stream water. WPP can be used for supplying water for irrigation, domestic or other requirements. It is environmental friendly product. It converts the unused energy of the stream water for pumping a certain volume of water to a calculated head. WPP has been implemented in different parts of the country. At the beginning farmers did not believe in WPP success. After implementation they were extremely happy. They converted dry land to agricultural land and increased unit land net profit. Alfalfa, corn, fruit, vegetable have been raised in the irrigated land free of energy cost. WPP is paying its investment cost in one irrigation season, approximately six months.

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition