SMART ENVIRONMENT - link your thoughts to your space

SMART ENVIRONMENT - link your thoughts to your space

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-01-10 )

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Since the realization of speed and powerful cars, people are getting faster to reach their destinations such as working appointments, relatives visiting...etc, that moment of discovering changed the world totally and showed that the human's brain can challenge the lif e's difficulties and ameliorate the life's style for better , that from the positive side from the opposite one the human's brain showed also that humans be don't like following rules and laws and most of catastrophes caused by t his mentality, the best example of that is the road phenomenon and basing on it a lot of people are losing their lives daily. Governments tried a lot finding solutions to this phenomenon but no success till now and the number of people killed is increasing daily, all statistics are focusing on the human facts which is not following the road safety instructions to avoid accidents and keeping people lives , 99% of researchers found that the main cause of this phenomenon is the high speed which is controlled by the car's users and they found that drivers are always crossing the speed limit in each accident committed.

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Abdellah Redjaimia
Lamine Kassaoui

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Informatics, IT