Katherine Mansfield and Little Beings

Katherine Mansfield and Little Beings

Children as conscious creatures

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-11-07 )

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What are the most significant moments in your life? Human beings are too busy in accomplishing big things but they hardly realize that life is all about the little ones and the little beings. Children are of paramount importance in Katherine Mansfield's short stories. The storyteller uses trivial things to portray children and brings out significant facts in life. The present book emphasizes on the adult-children relationship in Katherine Mansfield's short stories like "Sun and Moon", "The Doll's House", "The Voyage" and "How Pearl Button was Kidnapped ".The little children are conscious creatures that really differ from the stodgy ways of the adult world. Childhood is inherently innocent, sensitive, humane and enlightening. On the contrary, adulthood is ruled by prejudices, misconceptions and pompousness. Katherine Mansfield's stories are often mistaken as only children's stories. Infact, the stories surpass all limitations and probe deeper into the human mind. You would discover the magic in the little ones and try to envision the world from the conscious and innocent perspective of the children.

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