Shackles on a human being in a workplace

Shackles on a human being in a workplace

A South African employee perspective

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-08-09 )

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Globally, human rights are the most topical, defended, protested, and reported on by human beings on daily basis. Either, through the media or any other available platform which can be used as an outreach method to society. There are many laws established and implemented to curb violations of human rights, in order to promote peace within societies. However, laws differ from families, communities, countries and our international community. These laws are said not supersede human rights at any given time. However, there is a new platform for human rights violations called a workplace. The question is, is there a time were being human can get switched off for any occasion? It is presumed that being human can't get time out. A human being is considered a human being from birth until death. Does being an employee revoke the status of being human within an organisation? Does the status of an employee give leeway to modern day slavery, psychological harassment, victimisation, bullying, corruption and intimidation? The answer to these questions is YES, in South Africa, it happens on daily basis. This book has focused on an employee perspective within the South African employment industry.

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Azwihangwisi Judith Mphidi

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Public law, Administrative-, Constitutional Procedural Law