English for geologists

English for geologists

reading course for geological students

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-04-17 )

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English for geologists is an educational resource for geological professionals who want to improve their English. From the point of view of teaching English as a foreign language, this book is intended for master students and it can be used as a reading course for upper intermediate or advanced level students (CEFR B2 and C1) who learn the English to do job, practice language in real work situations, and learn special vocabulary.The main aim of the course is to develop ability and skills in extracting information from scientific manuals in a wide range of geological areas. English for geologists is divided into ten units and each unit has own thematic focus. The book contains topics on geological concepts, petroleum, deep-water exploration and production, well types, types of rocks, reservoir, seismic technologies, fractures, and rock cycle. Each unit consists of glossary of terms and texts for reading followed by exercises on skimming, scanning for details, understanding the text, and word formation, and finding single words in the text, which mean the same as the giving definition.The units are independent of each other, so you can choose the units that are more relevant to you.

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Sevil Gurban Aliyeva

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