Synergetics of the instability and randomness

Synergetics of the instability and randomness

Non-crystalline solids, self-organized structures and information technology

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-03-13 )

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The feature of this book is associated with a singular and self-organizing effect of instability and randomness. Installed that the random nature of the medium along with the disorganizing effect can initiate the formation of qualitatively new self-organized structures in non-crystalline solids. The spectrum of structures thus obtained is qualitatively more varied in comparison with the possible spectrum under the corresponding deterministic conditions. Another unique peculiarity of the book lies in the fact that synergetics and the use of object-oriented modeling most adequately reflect the attributes and characteristics of the influence external noise in the formation of the non-crystalline and other systems. Shown is the possibility of the implementation and development of the obtained results on the study of physical processes in the structuring, diversity and integrity of information systems. This book may be useful and interesting for the general public – for specialists in the field of research of self-organized structures, their involvement in solving educational, environmental, and other problems, as well as for non-ordinary readers who seek to expand their worldview.

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Mykhaylo Mar'yan
Nataliya Yurkovych

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