Caste in India: A thorn in the flesh!

Caste in India: A thorn in the flesh!

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-03-13 )

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A strange phenomenon in India the world can not understand is the discrimination of a section of people in India on the basis of their birth. Birth in a family determines a person's caste. On the basis of one's caste a person is viewed high and low in comparison with others. It operates as a system in which every Indian is caught up. Even an educated person finds difficult to get out of caste system. Because Caste is in the minds of the people. It divides people and keeps them unequal. The inequality among the people also supported by Hindu sacred scriptures. The most affected people are the Dalits or the untouchables. Even in Christianity the Dalits are discriminated. Their struggle for human dignity and respect is a battle that never ends. The only hope for the Dalits is the constitutional provisions that safeguard their rights to be human with dignity and respect. Yet,the present Indian Government with its Hindutva ideology continuously targets the Dalits and keeps them under subjugation. However, the Dalits' uprisal in India is a move towards a greater realisation of democracy that should include all those who are excluded and discriminated in the past!

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