Entrepreneurial Attitude of Nascent and Franchisee Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Attitude of Nascent and Franchisee Entrepreneurs

A Study in India

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-04-28 )

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Entrepreneurship in India is not a new concept. But research on the behavioural aspects of the entrepreneur is scarce. Generally, Indians are risk-averse in nature. Therefore, choosing entrepreneurship as a career is a big question. The education system is mostly job oriented and entrepreneurship development-related education mostly taught at the post-graduate level. Moreover, in the Indian context, very little research has been carried out to study the entrepreneurial intent and behaviour of university graduates however studies on the existing entrepreneurs are yet limited this book is a research outcome that provides an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset of the entrepreneurs and is an attempt to find out the answers to some questions like Why do people choose self-employment or entrepreneurship as a career, What makes an entrepreneur choose a particular kind of business, Is there any impact of the demographic factors on their choice of business, Is the entrepreneurial attitude and behaviour of the self-owned and franchisee business entrepreneurs’ are different in terms of risk, innovation, self-efficacy, and other demographic characteristics.

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Narayana Maharana
Suman Kalyan Chaudhury

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Business management