Sustainable Management of Prosopis juliflora in Somalia

Sustainable Management of Prosopis juliflora in Somalia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-02-28 )

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Prosopis juliflora is among the most prominent tree plants introduced to mitigate the consequences of deforestation in Somalia. Numerous researchers provided evidence of their rapid growth but also highlighted their risks of becoming noxious and aggressive weeds. Its potential vigor and competitiveness makes it a formidable invader of other land use systems, such as grazing lands. There is thus a conflict between a tree recovering the deforested area and its potential impact on other species in the farming systems and in the rural landscape. Other than that, the tree has high quality wood for fuel and high nutritious fruits and seeds for livestock feeding. The author of this research text produced an information source which is a landmark in the management of the invasive tree from a critical vantage point. It provides a vital and accessible source of information for scientists, managers, farmers, foresters and students. In my view, informed managers will be wise to have this book at their elbow.

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Mohamed Abdulle

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition