Intercropping of Pearl Millet with Sesbania

Intercropping of Pearl Millet with Sesbania

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-02-12 )

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The world has always been focusing for developing strategies and practices to feed the animals. Use of resources (Land, water, time) is precious and optimum potential use has been needing of the time. Here, I am presenting the reader a book, that will unveil the potential technique of intercropping benefits. Intercropping is a technique in which two different crops (nutritional quality, biomass value, palatability) are grown on the same Land and season, so that, we can have a forage with improved quality. The grower can grow them separately and they can mix the forages to feed the animals, but intercropping makes it easy. The farmer, intercropping in such a way, a uniform improved biomass and quality is achieved with only one crop supplied resources. Animals do like the variable fee like humans and it is the best way to feed them. This book is a research work for the partial requirement of degree and I am presenting to the reader, especially to the graduate students willing to research on intercropping.

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Tassadduq Rasool

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition