A Novel Method to Recycle the Treated Dye Wastes

A Novel Method to Recycle the Treated Dye Wastes

Adsorption, Exploitations and No Pollutants Remain

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-02-26 )

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Water pollution is an exacerbated problem in many parts of the world as a result of limited water resources to satisfy the increasing agricultural, population and industry demand for water and due to the raise of polluted amounts posed to these water resources. Among these famous and important pollutants lagging from various types of industries are Dyes. Besides non aesthetic appearance, the dye wastes may be toxic to human and environment and due to non-easily biodegradable it remains for long time in water. Currently, there are several methods to treat polluted water with dyes but each method has some restrictions deal with high cost and accumulated large amounts of sludge. On other hand, there are many agricultural wastes which form clumping another environmental problem like rice husk. This book introduces a new conception to treat and utilize all these problems simultaneously where has been used rice husk as a low cost media for adsorbing dye from water and rid of treated husk in an economic, effective and eco-friendly methods after end of the treatment process. This book is useful for chemical, civil and environmental engineers and anyone interested in benefit from wastes.

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Mohammed Nsaif Abbas
Firas Saeed Abbas

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Building and environmental technology