Fault Detection Systems Integrated to Fault-Tolerant Control

Fault Detection Systems Integrated to Fault-Tolerant Control

Application to Large-Scale Chemical Processes

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-03-23 )

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In the last three decades the interest for monitoring systems applied to large-scale chemical processes has increased notably. This is essentially due to the need of guarantying safety operation conditions of the overall plant, related personnel and environment. Moreover, devices such as sensors and/or actuators can suffer malfunctions which worsening the framework to define the process global state. The increasing complexity in both plant designs and control policies require intelligent monitoring systems to support the decision making.The main objective of this book is addressing the fault detection, diagnosis and estimation system design integrated to fault-tolerant control for chemical processes. The procedure is focused on manage automatically the abnormal situation by the suitable interaction between the fault detection system and the plant-wide control structure. To achieve this purpose several engineering tools were improved and integrated, either for a single process unit or large-scale plants. In fact, hybrid-active designs based on historical data, classical and advanced control, signal processing, and multivariate statistics procedures were considered for this proposal

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David Zumoffen
Marta Basualdo

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