Relationship between Multiple Intelligences and Reading Proficiency

Relationship between Multiple Intelligences and Reading Proficiency

A descriptive and ex post facto study

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-01-13 )

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This book provides an initial view of the nature and quality of the students’ multiple intelligences and how they are related to the students’ gender and reading scores. As a teacher, what we know and what we do in the classroom should have significant influence on the thoughts, achievement and behaviors of the students. Teachers can teach learners, for instance, certain strategies to use their intellectual strengths in support of their learning. In this respect, the results can be used to make recommendations that may serve to make educators, teachers, trainers, and instructional designers aware of ways to modify instruction and offer a variety of opportunities for both instructors and learners in the classroom. I hope that the results of this study may lead teachers to provide opportunities for each individual to develop a consciousness of how their mind works and therefore teach towards the learning needs of all students in the classroom. This will help them to see that everyone has areas of strength and areas of challenge, and that it is worthwhile to celebrate their success and failure as a community of accomplished learners.

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Karim Hajhashemi

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English linguistics / literature science