English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching

Policy, Training and Practice

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-02-03 )

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This book is a product of a study on the teaching of English in Kenya. Specifically, it explores the influence of Policy, Teacher Education and Classroom practice on the Secondary School Curriculum. The study was based on field studies that collected data from teachers of English, Education officers from the Ministry of Education, the Kenya Institute of Education and the Kenya National Examinations Council. The author established that the teaching of English in Kenya is not supported by clear educational policies. He observes that the Language educational policies and the experiences in Teacher Education and Classroom practice are at variance. Prof. Barasa argues that there is need to re-define the role of English in the School curriculum to reflect the socio-cultural context in which it is being taught and learnt. In addition, the study appreciates the need for a comprehensive University programme for Language Teachers that emphasizes the use of theories of language learning in the learning situation. This book is highly recommended for English Language teacher educators and educatees, teachers and policy makers in the field of Language Education.

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Peter L. Barasa

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