Handbook on Procedures on Arbitration and Litigation

Handbook on Procedures on Arbitration and Litigation

Alternative Disputes Resolution Methods

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-11-11 )

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When two persons enter into an agreement, a dispute between them is not always inevitable. The purpose of the agreement may be anything. It may be the sale and purchase of goods; it may be the construction of any works or projects; it may be for rendering any professional or other services; it may be lending and borrowing money; it may be hiring and leasing, and so on. Often, the contracts are performed and closed to the entire satisfaction of the parties. However, it is impossible to imagine a situation where under a contract no dispute ever arises between the parties. Sometimes, in spite of best efforts by the parties to the contract disputes between them do arise, whatever may be the reason. The consequences of such disputes vary. The book that you have into your hands is a guide to assist a lawyer or/and legal expert to deal with disputes arising between two or more parties involved in an agreement.

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