Rural-Urban Migration in Ship Breaking Industry

Rural-Urban Migration in Ship Breaking Industry

A Case of World's Largest Ship Breaking Yard

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-10-15 )

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Migration is as old as human history. The massive movement of population of the modern time has wide social, economic, political, demographic and economic implications. Migration process has been analysed by a number of ways. Generally, it means the settlement or shifting of an individual or a group of individuals from one area i.e. origin to another area i.e. destination. Migration from rural to urban areas is considered as universal phenomena which accompanies economic development. The researcher tries to provide a brief and comprehensive of the important aspects and dimensions of internal migrations. It provides some conceptual introduction to the subject, examines the causes, correlates and consequences of migration and reviews important trends in migration and also put forward policy measures. The study is based on the primary collection at Alang ship breaking yard near Bhavnagar Gujarat. The survey covered 300 respondents. The researcher visited the respondents place of work and at their living place to collect data. This study is one of the unique study because ship breaking industry comes under the organized sector but labours are unorganized in various ways.

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Hrudanand Misra

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