Understanding English Language

Understanding English Language

Removing the Errors in English

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-07-02 )

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English as we all know is an international language. So its really important to develop love for this language and try to understand this language.People dont speak or write it effectively or rightly. They do many grammatical mistakes while speaking or writing English. English language is an asset for all of the human beings. Through this language only you can converse with people from any area, location of the world. Through this language only you can express yourself and can understand other people too. If you are a student, a researcher, in academics or in any walk of life, this language has to be learnt and known to all of us. All the researches, all the datas available are basically in English itself. So, if you want to gain and update your knowledge, the understanding of this language is mandatory. So this work is an attempt for all the starters to know this language, hence helping them to propagate international brotherhood.

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Vikrant Mishra

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English linguistics / literature science