Integrated Water Resources Management in Tungabhadra Sub Basin

Integrated Water Resources Management in Tungabhadra Sub Basin

Issues and Trends

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-05-31 )

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Integrated Water Resources Management has gained popularity at the global discourse on water and is mentioned in the policy documents, however, has not made much progress in the Indian context. The current study is an attempt to examine the status of water resources management in the context of IWRM in Tungabhadra sub basin, a transboundary river located in Southern India. The concept of IWRM in Tungabhadra is relatively new and water management and hence governed separately as administrative units by two states with separate institutional arrangements, policies and practices with less interaction between them. This book attempts to capture the challenging issues – competing water demands, pollution, environmental flows and governance in the Tungabhadra sub basin. This book will be useful to researchers, policy makers and all others working in the area of water resources management as an exclusive attempt is made to put all the data and information together at a basin level, providing insights into the data availability and gaps. It will provide researchers to further work on re-searchable issues in the basin as an extension of the information procured.

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K.V. Raju
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