Narrative Metaphors of Conflicting Identity

Narrative Metaphors of Conflicting Identity

A Case Study of a Majority Pakeha Student Learning the Minority Maori Language

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-06-16 )

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The present empirical narrative research investigated the relationship between investment in learning Maori of a Pakeha native English speaking university student and his experience of learning Maori inside and outside classroom. In particular, it examined to what extent experience of opportunity to speak Maori affected his developing sense of identity. The purpose of the study was to explore the relationship between the learner, Maori and New Zealand context where there has scarcely been rich-input environment of Maori, on one hand, and the connection between social identity, investment and power relation, on the other. The study also aimed to discover the cause-effect relationship between power relation and New Zealand context and how such relationship affected the learner’s investment in learning Maori and his developing sense of identity. Final purpose was to explore whether it was appropriate for Pakeha to learn Maori.

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Worapot Sattapunkeeree

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Social pedagogy, social work