Training Need Assessment

Training Need Assessment

Training Needs of University Teachers in Classroom Teaching Behavior

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-11-30 )

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The agricultural universities matured with the emerging graduate studies and research programmes linked to national development. Agricultural universities have now stabilized and became strong centers of research and education. Imparting education in the field of agriculture is one of the three main functions (teaching, research, extension) of agriculture universities. The increasing number of agricultural universities and colleges ensure the large number of graduates in the field of agriculture who are needed by our agriculture based economy. However, in today’s world of science and technology there is a need to produce quality graduates also. The 21st century promises to herald a different environment for human development in all walks of life, including education in which knowledge will be an important ingredient. With the rapid advancements in educational technology, educational systems in universities have equipped themselves and making best efforts in delivering quality instruction.This book is not only an attempt to find out the current Training needs of university teachers but also gives an insight of theoretical background on which such studies could be conducted further.

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Anup Prakash Upadhyay
Gyanendra Sharma

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