Changes in Organization

Changes in Organization

Emerging situations, character and praxis

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-04-30 )

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In this book the author has adopted a view that organizational change as a social process is created by human agents through their actions and interactions that both reproduce and transform pre-existing structures. The empirical part of the study addresses local transformation and organizational character - internalized action dispositions - analyzing events that are related to the development of service business in the context of a large energy company. In emerging and evolving situations human agents engage in creative and transformative actions that are affected by the organizational character. The organizational character consists of prudence, and of the pursuit of technical excellence and operational efficiency. Prudence is an action disposition in context when encountering new situations. With regard to the practical outcomes of the study, a suggestion for managing organizational change is that attention must be paid to internalized action dispositions in which the organization, human agents, and social consciousness about context and action, are intertwined.

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Tapio Keränen

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