Global Governance and Transnationalisation of the State

Global Governance and Transnationalisation of the State

Capitalist Restructuring of the Turkish Secondary Contender State through Governance Mechanisms

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-10-20 )

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After indicating some weaknesses of the literature that adopts Europeanisation and ‘multi-level governance’ approaches in studying state reforms, the present book develops an alternative account of ‘transnationalisation of the state through transnational governance mechanisms’ by adopting a transnational historical materialist framework. The empirical analysis focuses on the role of ‘governance reforms’ in the restructuring and rescaling of the Turkish state between the years 1999 and 2005. It is discussed that the year 1999 constitutes a turning point for the reform process in Turkey with the rise of a ‘transnational historic bloc’, in a neo-Gramscian sense, which has been interlinked with the dominant fraction of the transnational capitalist class. The book establishes that the objective of the group of actors and networks that constitute the historic bloc in this period has been to realize the interest of transnational capitalist class globally through the governance of transnationalisation of Turkish states/society complex.

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Örsan Şenalp

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Comparative and international political science