Appraising teacher performance

Appraising teacher performance

themes and issues

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-30 )

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Over the past two decades, evaluation and assessment have been fundamental to education reform efforts to create a high-quality teaching profession. To this end, reliance on the appraisal of teachers has gained favour with policy makers across a wide range of countries.This book uses a research project on teacher performance appraisal in Kenya to analyse and reflect on the education reform contexts associated with the origins and adoption of the teacher appraisal policy. It argues that schools need to implement effective teacher performance appraisal schemes because of their potential benefits, there is a growing need to tackle some issues that make appraisals unpopular and that schools need firm policies on teacher continuous development to be integrated into appraisal programmes if quality education strategies are to be accomplished. It is recommended that an effective “appraisal-for-development” scheme under a facilitating, professional and formative model would be the most desirable form of teacher appraisal. The book will appeal to students, teachers, education leaders and policy makers alike.

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George Odhiambo

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