WiMAX Cryptographic Suit Up-gradation

WiMAX Cryptographic Suit Up-gradation

An Advance Approach to the Efficient and Secure WiMAX

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-21 )

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The main purpose of the book is exploring the problems existing with WiMAX cryptographic suit.Book explains the basics of WiMAX and then explains security mechanism of WiMAX MAC layer. Next it explores the Study of authentication and authorization mechanism, functioning in WiMAX IEEE 802.16e using specially designed simulator. In the remaining portion of the book flaws of existing WiMAX cryptographic suit and its solutions are discussed. We designed a special simulator to test our proof that 3DES can replace DES with very minimum changes in cryptographic suit. Introduction of a new and lightweight encryption algorithm MAES in the parallel of AES in the cryptographic suit, to facilitate user of WiMAX having efficient multimedia encryption, is another main purpose of the book. The book also explains the Testing of light weight and efficient MAES on different datasets of text and images. In the last we have mentioned some new research points, which can help the researchers to generate new ideas.

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Faisal Riaz
Muhammad Akram
Rashid Mehmood

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Data communication, networks