Physicians'' Adoption of Pharmaceutical E-Detailing: ROI and Metrics

Physicians'' Adoption of Pharmaceutical E-Detailing: ROI and Metrics

How can E-detailing help Pharmaceutical Industry brands prosper in ways that traditional media can''t?

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-06 )

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Fadi Alkhateeb is considered one of few experts who specialize in Pharmaceutical E-Marketing field. Dr. Alkhateeb currently works as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Marketing in University of Charleston School of Pharmacy/USA. Dr. Alkhateeb believes that understanding each segment''s needs and preferences is key to determining the right approach to e- detailing and offering the information and services that a particular segment values most. In this book, Dr. Alkhateeb explains key factors that influence physicians'' adoption of e-detailing (Age, gender, years of practice, specialty, attitudes, academic affiliation, volume of prescription, gifts as incentive, practice setting size, peer influence, and relative advantage). Moreover, this book will demonstrate how to maximize the impact of eDetailing on the sales process and how to effectively target the right physician audience and finally this book explores physician perceptions and attitudes toward e-detailing, as well as behaviors related to e-detailing use among physicians like frequency, length of e-detailing use and the extent of physicians'' involvement in e- detailing.

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