Students and Staff Mobility in Albanian Universities

Students and Staff Mobility in Albanian Universities

The Experience of Albanian Universities in Implementing Students and Staff Mobility

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-28 )

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In this thesis, I focused in the change of the concept of mobility, concluding that mobility in our days attempts to provide institutional change, and that this concept of mobility is different from the mobility in the past, were students and academics, who were mobile could obtain only individual effects. This study emphasizes the role of the mobility process in Albanian higher education during the years 1992-1999, and it attempts to analyze this process and the nature mobility had. In the second part of this study, I focused on the Bologna agreement and on the importance mobility has in the Bologna process. Besides, the advantages that the Bologna process gives to mobility of students and staff by overcoming legal barriers, I tried to point out also the obstacles that universities in Albania face in implementing mobility within the Bologna framework. The conclusion of this thesis is that the Bologna agreement represents a great opportunity for Albanian universities, because the mobility process will be both ways and this fact influences universities on different levels, such as curriculum, management etc.

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Elona Mehmeti

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