In Search of Appropriateness Series Volume 3

In Search of Appropriateness Series Volume 3

Appropriate Social Scince Projects for Developing Countries

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-06 )

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Many ideas have emerged to address the problems of energy and poverty in poor countries. None of these ideas was sincerely backed by the developed nations and international financial institutions.Twoworth quoting examples are appropriate technology and sustainable development.Ironically appropriate technology is not much heard now.The rescue of poor countries lies in sustainable development but sincerity is doubtful again.The basis of choice for the developing countries highlighted by the author is that they must choose only those projects which are in tune with their conditions and environment; choice is restricted to those options that are least capital intensive and more laborintensive. The local experts should be able to handle options and raise local innovation systems. The author has chosen project evaluation as the basic topic to train experts to enhance their capacity. Production of electricity via economic disposal of solid waste is highlighted to solve energy and environmentproblems at the same time. Analyses of social policies have been included and strategies proposed to improve capacity of decision makers.

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Mohammad Khan

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Social structural research