Sensorless anti-swing control strategy for automatic gantry crane

Sensorless anti-swing control strategy for automatic gantry crane

Mathematical model-based and neural networks-based approaches to estimate the swing motion

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-09-01 )

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Gantry crane is a machine used to transfer payload from one to another position. The payload suspended from trolley by flexible cable is subject to swing caused by the motion. Anti-swing control of automatic gantry crane system is hence required to transfer the payload without causing excessive swing at the end position. Most of the anti-swing controls proposed use feedbacks that require two sensors to measure the trolley position and swing angle. However, installing swing angle sensor on a real gantry crane is often troublesome and also more costly. This book presents sensorless anti-swing control strategies for automatic gantry crane. The control scheme is expected to be simple and easy to implement in the absence of swing angle sensor (the term ‘sensorless'' is meant for this situation). Firstly, mathematical model-based sensorless anti-swing control is used. Secondly, neural network state estimator is used as soft sensor to estimate the swing motion in the gantry crane. The experimental work is carried out using lab-scale gantry crane. This book will be useful especially for university students and researchers as an additional material for their related projects.

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Mahmud Iwan Solihin

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Physics, astronomy