Human Perceived Quality-of-Service for Multimedia Applications

Human Perceived Quality-of-Service for Multimedia Applications

Human Interaction with Multimedia Devices

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-24 )

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With this book, described the popularity of multimedia applications which has also come a rise in the need for evaluated all the areas which are directly affected the user perceived quality of multimedia applications. On Human perceived quality of services very little litearature exists on how to best measure the human perercieved quality of service in multimedia devices such as mobile phone, TV, Iphone, Ipad and PC monitors screen. This books, therefore provides a complete metric of success for measuring the human perceived quality, complete methods of multimedia interactions with the humans and user expectations regarded for good multimedia devices, overview of all factors that most affected for delivering the good quality to users. Using the literature of this book, multimedia designer, companies, researchers, and multimedia manufactures companies designed and test the high quality devices which provide the quality of services to users according to user expectations. The analysis and literature of this book should help people to assess user perceived quality of service in multimedia applications

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