Perception and Experience of Incivility by Urban Youth

Perception and Experience of Incivility by Urban Youth

A Field Survey in Ankara

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-24 )

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There is a growing interest in studying (in)civility within the contemporary urban context due to disordered image of the city. This study focuses on incivilities resulting from daily encounters with strangers and experiences of incivility in daily life within a Turkish city context. The aim of the study is to inquire different perceptions of incivility thoroughly and the ways it is perceived and experienced within the context of urban public spaces by the Turkish urban youth. First of all, the overall understanding of incivility in the Turkish urban realm is investigated through the statements of the urban youth and adults living in different neighborhoods of Ankara. Secondly, in order to explore the context dependent embodiment and locatedness of incivility, a field survey is conducted within a street context where everyday incivilities are mostly encountered. Information on these issues was obtained through semi-structured interviews and observation.

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Guliz Mugan

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General Social sciences