Agricultural Studies On Sugar Beet Crop

Agricultural Studies On Sugar Beet Crop

Effect of planting dates, bio-fertilizers and NK fertilization on sugar beet productivity and quality.

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-04-13 )

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This investigation was established to determine the effect of planting dates,biofertilization treatments,N&K levels and their interactions on growth,yield,yield components and quality of sugar beet under the environmental conditions of Mansoura district.The main findings of this investigation were: 1-The optimum planting date that yielded the highest values of previous characters was planting sugar beet on 1st Oct. 2-Rhizobacterin treatment produced the highest values of most studied characteristics in all seasons.Application of Rhizobacterin + Cerialine ranked after Rhizobacterin treatment, 3- Application of 80 kg N + 48 kg K2O/fad resulted in the highest values of growth attributes, yield and yield components in all seasons. Application of 60 kg N + 48 kg K2O/fad produced the best results after formerly combination level, moreover it gave the highest values of sugar yield. Generally, it could be concluded that in order to maximize sugar beet productivity under the environmental condition of Dakhlia district, planting sugar beet on 1st Oct. and application of Rhizobacterin as biofertilizer and 80 or 60 kg N + 48 kg K2O/fad.

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