Cultural cooperation between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa

Cultural cooperation between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa

The weigh of History and the significance of national interests

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-07-29 )

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During the last decades of the twentieth century, Morocco had forsaken its African roots, to the point where 30 countries out of a total of 52 on the continent recognized the self proclaimed SADR. Since 1999, Morocco retrieved its African dimension and an important number of agreements between the Kingdom and African countries have been signed and implemented at the political, economic, and social levels. However, Morocco has a singular particularity that other countries do not have with sub-Saharan Africa. The Kingdom shares strong historical and cultural links with Africa, which could be very useful for Rabat in order to solve the Sahara issue. This book therefore, tries to demonstrate how implementing cultural cooperation between Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa can serve a country''s national interests. The work, which adopts a social constructivist perspective, is a mixed methods study that includes qualitative and quantitative research, and should be especially useful to researchers in the region''s history, or anyone else interested to understand this strong historical links between the Sherifian Kingdom, and a large number of African countries.

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Bassam Nejjar

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Comparative and international political science