Meta-CLI Configuration Model for Network Device Management

Meta-CLI Configuration Model for Network Device Management

A bottom-up approach for high-level, automated network and service configuration

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-03-07 )

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Today''s networks are characterised by increasing complexity and heterogeneity. Consequently, network configuration management is getting excessively costly and error-prone. Long network downtime and complex manual recovery of network configuration consistency can cause heavy business losses. Traditional network configuration tools become inadequate and obsolete. This is the reason why new, more reliable solutions are necessary to provide automaton and reduce the cost and complexity of management tasks. We propose an original approach for automated network and service configuration management based on the high-level modelling of the device configuration data. This approach increases the efficiency of the configuration management due the high-level of abstraction of the service configuration data and allows complete control over the configuration due to the variable granularity of the composition operations. This book is intended for network administrators and engineers who need more efficient solutions for automated network service configuration.

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Rudy Deca

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Data communication, networks