The Nature of Support

The Nature of Support

A survey of the support by job coaches from the perspective of people with intellectual disability in open employment

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-03-04 )

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Supported employment has been promoted in public policy as an effective method to help people with disabilities to achieve involvement in their community and the development of social skills, friendships and a sense of self worth. In recent years, the funding, the availability of services to people with more severe disabilities, the levels of social integration and the poor job retention rates have been increasingly identified as areas of concern. This study explores some of the issues and problems in providing support to people with intellectual disabilities. Establishing a mutually respecting relationship and "knowing the person" by building rapport and tailoring support to meet their individual needs are important. And being able to deal with issues, both in and out of the workplace, is critical. The findings of this qualitative study will be useful to all "job coaches" and other disability support workers by providing new insights into how to better help and support people with intellectual disabilities.

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Peter Cookson

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Special pedagogy