A Descriptive Case Study of the Academic English Needs

A Descriptive Case Study of the Academic English Needs

of Freshman Engineering and Mathematics Students from Three Different Perspectives

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-25 )

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This book provides the results of a study conducted at an English-medium university which accomodates students from sixty-eight countries with different kinds of academic preparation. In an international and multicultural institution like this, a thorough needs analysis is indispensable for an efficient syllabus design. The writer wanted to identify the real academic English needs of the freshmen at the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to meet the needs of the students in the desired degree. To that end, she conducted a study which aimed at taking an accurate picture of the academic English needs of the Engineering and Mathematics freshman students at EMU from three different perspectives: subject-matter instructors, English language instructors, and students, i.e., the three legs of a tripod by employing different data collection tools. The book is intended to be useful to all teachers who are concerned with English for Specific Purposes. Teachers who are interested in needs analysis, syllabus design and materials development in language teaching will benefit from the book.

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Yeşim Betül Oktay

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