Gay Rights In Modern Politics

Gay Rights In Modern Politics

The Devastation of Inequality

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-22 )

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Throughout history, the lack of understanding and compassion towards the homosexual community has hindered their ability to reach a level of acceptance and equality; making their sexual preferences and lifestyles taboo in societies across many cultures. For those reasons, it is necessary to examine the history, current practices, and possible future for a community existing within diverse, yet discriminatory, societies. The political area has had a direct impact on the ability of homosexuals to live as a heterosexual lives. It has stopped them from serving in the military and marrying a person society will recognize as their spouse. Simply enrolling in an organization or school can become a difficult task; if even excepted at all. Gay rights in modern politics covers a wide gambit of topics. However, examining each of these topics individually allows for greater understanding of the issues that surround each. This book should shed some light on the problems associated with the exceptance of the homosexual community for anyone who may be interested in better understanding the issues plaguing their cry for equality.

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