Infrared Imaging for Laser-Therapy Monitoring

Infrared Imaging for Laser-Therapy Monitoring

Novel approach for laser parameters optimization in plane angioma treatments

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-16 )

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In the last years, the employment of laser for more and more medical treatments has had an esponential growth. The effects of the laser radiation aren’t easily standardizable, because of dermatological differences showed from differents tissues. This indetermination influences the therapeutics results obtained, and, in the majority of cases, they are unsatisfactories. The scientific research in this field is addressed to study the dynamic of this interaction in order to allow to specialists to employ laser tool in a more controlled and less empiric way. Infrared imaging can be used for a real-time monitoring of the laser-tissue interaction. This technique can give information about the reaction of the tissue in the specific region treated. In this study has been evaluated the employment of a novel approach based on this technology for the control and optimization of laser parameters in plane angioma therapy in order to make treatments safer and more efficient. The results obtained have demonstrated that IR imaging can be used in the laser therapy with remarkable advantages for optimizing procedure and parameters in different clinical situations.

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Massimo Rippa

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Physics, astronomy