The Anti-War Movement of the South African War

The Anti-War Movement of the South African War

The Pro-Boers and their Language of Dissent, 1899-1902

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-15 )

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This study focuses on the metropolitan Pro-Boer movement that emerged when Britain fought against the two Boer republics. These Pro-Boers argued that the war was unnecessary, for Britain could have achieved its objective with the Boers through more negotiations. This book is an analysis of Pro-Boer ideas in various forms of ephemeral literature. An important theme is that the Pro-Boers struggled to contest the war as a united front against the government. The Pro-Boers published leaflets that included competing dialogues of protest. As the war progressed, the critics became more united and consistent as the war progressed. The Pro-Boers agreed on issues such as British paramountcy, the native African issue, government responsibility, capitalism''s role, and the nature of true patriotism. Similarly, the Pro-Boers were able to reach a consensus in how to rebuild South Africa, such as with the granting of self-government. This analysis should help shed light on major criticisms launched against the British Empire and war in general. Professionals and anyone else interested in British, imperial, or anti-war history in the late nineteenth century would find this book useful.

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