An Integrated Information Systems and Information Technology Solution

An Integrated Information Systems and Information Technology Solution

Improving Project Administration in the Construction Industry using Electronic Document Management Systems

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-15 )

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This book covers the fundamentals of structured software application development from requirements through to implementation to assist construction professionals and can be adapted for other industries to improve their project administration processes using electronic document management system (EDMS). This highly practical book explains how to implement and improve information management processes using an integrated approach. The work detailed in this book involves: (i) extensive literature review of problems with information management in construction; (ii) a review of electronic document management systems technology; (iii) a review of strategic information systems planning techniques as a basis for generating a conceptual planning framework for EDMS; (iv) case studies and interviews with senior managers and operational staff of contractors, consultants and supplier organisations; and (v) implementation of a prototype illustrating how EDMS should be developed. The techniques discussed in this book are applicable to software and hardware implementation and outlines a set of guidelines to help management set goals and objectives using structured methods.

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Regina Gyampoh-Vidogah

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Informatics, IT