Constructing Youth Identities in National Youth Service

Constructing Youth Identities in National Youth Service

An exploration of the National Youth Service of Zimbabwe

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-15 )

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From a sociological perspective, there is consensus on the idea that identities are constructed. This consensus forms the basis of this work on the social construction of identities in the National Youth Service of Zimbabwe (NYSZ). Other aspects of identity - its multiplicity and negotiable nature - are used as key terms of reference in the investigation of identity construction in the NYSZ. This study investigates how social identity is constructed in the NYSZ, by whom and for what is it being constructed, and, significantly, with what success the NYSZ is creating the identities, and how its success can be explained. In this study, it is asserted that the NYSZ is not an ordinary kind of NYS. It is quite exceptional in terms of its structure, aims and operation. With regard to sociological theories of NYSs I propose the addition of a fourth perspective to the three presented by Sherraden and Eberly: construction of social and political identity. This book should be especially useful to the growing number of researchers on youth service and those who are interested in the construction of youth identities.

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Rejoice Shumba

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General Social sciences