Arresting Dissent

Arresting Dissent

State Repression and Post-Apartheid Social Movements

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-14 )

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The generalised non-negotiability of the neoliberal framework of the post-apartheid South African state''s economic strategy, combined with the closing down of any meaningful institutional space for the presentation of grievances by the poor, has resulted in persistent and ongoing conflict between the state and new social movements. The inability of the state to offer any meaningful concessions to these community movements has translated into antagonistic community strategies of struggle and a corresponding intensification of state repression. This book traces the historical and theoretical genesis of this conflict, grounds this within case studies of social movements in three urban communities, provides an in-depth analysis of the content and character of the conflict and offers a critique of the resultant ‘crisis of democracy''. The book will be of great interest and use to all progressive scholars and students of social movements, transitional states and more generally, of South and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Dale McKinley
Ahmed Veriava

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Political theory and the history of ideas