Uncertainty Management in Repetitive Projects using WIP Buffers

Uncertainty Management in Repetitive Projects using WIP Buffers

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-11 )

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Variability as a kind of uncertainty in production is one of the largest factors that negatively impacts construction performance. A common construction practice to protect production systems from variability is the use of buffers (Bf), but these approaches face practical limitations in their application. In this book, a methodology for the design and management of Work-In-Process Bf in repetitive building projects is addressed, overcoming their practical limitations through its mathematical formulation and the use of lean production principles. Bf design uses Simulation-Optimization modeling based on artificial intelligence concepts and a Multiobjective-Analytic-Model approach based on Pareto Front concepts; while Bf management uses the Rational-Commitment-Model, an operational decision support tool based on statistical analysis. This methodology provides a comprehensive approach to deal with variability using WIP Bf, which explicitly considers: a general production and modeling framework; and a sound theoretical framework to different production scenarios. Performance improvements resulting from the methodology application in real and hypothetical projects are shown.

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Vicente González
Luis F. Alarcón

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Building and environmental technology